Truthfulness, Submissiveness and Sincerity

Following are some quotes of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen about the topic:

Importance of Being Submissive

The more submissive and sincerer a person is in the court of Allah, the more rapid is his leap to His proximity and the more he is blessed with closeness of Allah, the humbler he becomes, provided he has sincere intentions.

The person who is submissive to Almighty Allah never goes astray from the path of righteousness while an imperious is the first one to be deluded. Satan can cause no harm to a modest person.

Submissiveness in front of Allah Almighty enlightens the inward of the seeker with the Divine light.

When you are in the process of seeking a perfect spiritual guide, make sure you have a submissive approach. If the spiritual guide is an imposter, Allah Almighty will direct you to the court of the perfect spiritual guide but if you have arrogance, then you won’t be able to recognize the perfect one either.


One who is involved in working for the cause of Allah whole heartedly and diligently, Allah gets his jobs done in the best possible way.

The seeker’s real weapons (against Satan and innerself) are modesty, sincere intentions and truthfulness.

(Sidq is a strong term in mysticism of superlative degree for which there is no proper term in English which could define it completely, however ‘truthfulness’ is used here to represent Sidq). Truthfulness refers to the attribute of understanding the reality to its ultimate level, which is gained by being extremely truthful. The seeker gets intuitions from Almighty Allah as well as Satan. The quality of truthfulness (Sidq) means that he can distinguish between the satanic and the Divine intuition. Truthfulness and sincerity of intention are interrelated. Truthfulness (Sidq) is the best form of unfeigned intentions.

Sidq (truthfulness) amplifies the intensity of longing (for Beloved) in Divine Love (Ishq). Without truthfulness, there remains no difference between an animal and a human being.


Fair use of power is not possible unless a person is sincere and modest. If a person gets arrogant on getting power, then sooner or later he loses it.

To have sincere intention is very important in the path of Faqr. The magnitude of truthfulness and sincerity of intention determine how quickly the seeker of Allah will reach his ultimate destination. The moment the seeker’s intentions get polluted or he loses faith (in his spiritual guide), his journey of Faqr is ceased. This is because Allah Almighty watches person’s inward and intention not words or acts.

Prayers are answered per intentions.

Allah Almighty tests His slaves or even the Prophets by granting them successes and failures. Only those qualify in the court of Allah who inwardly remains persevered in all spiritual states.

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