Surrender and Submission to the Divine Will


  • Perfect submission means no questions or arguments.
  • The reality of submission to Allah is that the seeker has complete faith in the fact that everything happens on Allah’s will and command. His betterment in this world and on the path of righteousness lies in staying amid the state of fear and hope in every matter. He should neither become arrogant on bestowment of blessings nor lose hope in hardships.

Importance of Submission in Faqr

  • The center and pivot of Faqr is to surrender and submit oneself completely before Allah.
  • Only such a seeker is accepted and approved in the court of Allah who submits himself before Allah in every condition like dread and distress, happiness or grief, peace or anxiety, comfort or trouble, convenience or misery, illness or health, hunger or satiation etc.
  • Surrendering and submitting oneself before Allah is the extreme level in Faqr and this is the station where innerself is at peace.
  • Divine vision is attained only by those who walk on the path of submission to Allah’s will. Those who argue and raise objections, remain deprived.
  • Raising objections (to Allah) at afflictions or trials only makes the situation worst.
  • When the state of submission to Allah’s will overpowers the destiny then the seeker is relieved from the fear of the befalling fate. Thus, submission and surrender before Allah is the ultimacy of Faqr.
  • Submission to Allah is one of the greatest destinations in the path of Faqr. On achieving this destination, the state of submission dominates the Mystics to such an extent that even extreme conditions of grief, sorrow or distress do not affect them. Their state complies with the Urdu saying;

سرِ تسلیم خم ہے جو مزاجِ یار میں آئے

Meaning: “I have no will of my own, I am pleased at my Beloved’s will.”

The Most Desirable Act in the Court of Allah

  • The most desirable and acclaiming act in the court of Allah is that the seeker submits before Allah’s will in every moment. Be grateful to Him on blessings and have patience during ordeals.
  • When a seeker reaches the station of complete submission to Allah, he is blessed with special light that leads him to Divine vision and he is bestowed with a new life every moment.

How to Achieve Perfect Submission in Court of Allah?

  • The perfect spiritual guide persuades and guides the seeker through the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat in such a way that it becomes his nature to always submit before the will of Allah to an extent that he is rather pleased at every order and act of Allah.

Above mentioned is a brief collection of selected quotes extracted from Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s books or noted during his gatherings. However, for gaining in depth knowledge of his teachings, click the following links to his books:

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