Guidance in the way of Allah

  1. Continue to put in your effort in the way of Allah and never hold back. Because Allah has just asked you for the effort, not the outcome.
  2. True knowledge is destined towards Allah. One who attains this destination is alive otherwise dead spiritually.
  3. Real human being is the one who is worried about the death of his soul more than the death of his physical body.
  4. In the realm of souls, if one’s soul had made the mistake of contravening Allah, He the Kindest, created the realm of creation to give it the opportunity to redeem itself. Now one should benefit from this opportunity and turn towards Allah relinquishing the lusts of this world and the hereafter because it is His promise, “One who seeks Me, finds Me.”
  5. While praying pay more attention to your inner state than the words because Allah listens to the prayers of those as well who cannot speak.
  6. Sometimes Allah shatters our certainty to teach us that everything happens as He wishes.
  7.  The seeker, who submits himself to Allah, finds Him.
  8. Worship is worth (only) when it gets acceptance in the court of Allah! Otherwise (Satan’s) millions of years of worship went wasted merely by one less prostration (i.e. disobeying Allah to prostrate Adam).

Guidance for Successful Life

  1. Wrong people usually give the right lesson.
  2. The biggest quality of sorrow is that it makes a person soft hearted, otherwise he would have remained callous.
  3. The disloyal are meant to leave so they can leave you at any moment; true companions are there to stay and they will stay with you through every thick and thin.
  4. Depending on prayers without hard work and effort is idiocy while not praying after hard work and effort is arrogance.
  5. Beware of those who are verbally sweet but have a venomous inward.
  6. The art of forgetting disloyalty and rude behaviours is known to either an insane or a perfectly accomplished man.
  7. If Allah reveals someone’s ugly reality upon you, it is His blessing, do not feel upset on it.
  8. Cogitation is the biggest strength of a person.
  9. Difficult situations unveil those who falsely claim to love you.
  10. Erase your ego to see your inward and bow your inward to see Allah Almighty.
  11. Sometimes good and pious people make mistakes too. That does not mean they are bad, it means they are human too.
  12. Wise is one who always fears Allah.

Blessings of Allah

  1. Allah bestows limitlessly then why keep an account with Him! One who does not count what he spent in the way of Allah, Allah blesses him countlessly. While the one who calculates it, is blessed in a calculated manner as well.
  2. When Allah accepts someone in His court, he bestows three blessings upon that person; ardent Divine love, generosity and humility.
  3. When a person wants to improve himself, only then he gets guidance from Allah. One who obstinately considers himself right, Allah does not change his state. Eventually, after death he finds himself in a plight worse than it was in life.
  4. Learn to have patience. Allah knows everything; He knows what you went through. Have faith that time will change because change is the principle of universe.
  5. Do not be afraid of the people who know how to take their revenge. Fear from people who leave their matter to Allah.
  6. Allah treats a person in the same manner as is his behaviour towards Him.
  7. The more you keep Allah’s secret, more He bestows you with His secrets.
  8. No one searches the Divine Essence until Allah Himself blesses one with that urge. If you have been blessed with the desire to seek Him, then understand that He is seeking you too.
Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen quote-Specially Chosen Ones in the Path of Allah

Specially Chosen Ones in the Path of Allah

  1. Allah created some people just for Himself. He chooses these special ones and separates them from others sometimes by giving them distress and sometimes by putting them in trials and hardships. Some of them come towards Him on their own and some are dragged to Him. No one can dare to go against Allah’s command. He makes that person as good as pure gold after passing him through the kiln of agony and then inhabits his inward. Verily, one who finds Allah, gets everything.

Path of Righteousness

  1. Do not leave the path of righteousness just because its travellers are very few. The righteous path does make you alone but there is a strange attraction in this solitude.
  2. All people do not come in our life as friends or family, some people come to us as a ‘lesson’.
  3. The word ‘man’ is a characteristic, it is not associated to the physical body or appearance. In fact, ‘man’ is the name of a special prestige and strong attribute which is present in every male and female. The way of Allah is adopted and traversed only by the real man (whether male or a female). On this basis, many males are actually females and females are males.
  4. Distress and misery are obliterated only when a person has firm belief that everything is destined from Allah Almighty.
  5. One who is in search of righteousness is surely directed towards it.


  1. ‘Thought’ is everything. Making it positive is an accomplishment in Faqr.
  2. Faqr is understood only by one who experiences the knowledge of Faqr by passing through the spiritual states.
  3. Annihilation in spiritual guide is the most difficult in Faqr. When the spiritual guide is alive, the seeker inwardly annihilates in him owing to his intense love and after the death of spiritual guide, the seeker is blessed with his essence. Hence, the appearance, nature, words, deeds, habits and all characteristics of the seeker become exactly like the spiritual guide and his entire existence is transformed into the being of the spiritual guide.

Spiritual Glance

  1. In mysticism, the spiritual glance means transmitting the attribute. Like in the Mohammadan Assembly, the spiritual glance of Abu Bakr Siddique transmits his attribute of truthfulness into the seeker. The spiritual glance of Umar Al-Farooq blesses the seeker with the quality of justice and self-accountability. Generosity, respect and modesty are gained from Usman Ghani’s glance while knowledge and valor is transmitted to the seeker by the spiritual glance of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Quotes on Society

  1. Those who deprave others from the right path are the biggest enemy of the humanity.
  2. The society where religion becomes a business, is vacated of every good value and only hatred and tyranny prevail there.
  3. Someone asked a Fakir, why are people so unhappy in this world? Fakir smilingly replied, “Everybody has his share of happiness, its one’s happiness that becomes other’s sorrow”.
  4. People watch your deed and Allah watches your intention.
  5. Some people pray for themselves all night to get a place in heaven but as the next day starts they make other people’s life hell.
  6. A weird trend has been set up lately, those who do not have money and authority try to acquire it through religion.
  7. Had the effect of hidden intentions visible on face, every person of the society would have been forced to veil his face.
  8. Break your silence against the wrong, no one will dare to speak or commit wrong in front of you.
  9. In today’s era, people invest more time and energy in proving others wrong rather than correcting themselves.


  1. In the khanqah, the innerselves of the seekers are purged by virtue of the company of perfect spiritual guide. Satan cannot enter the premises of this sacred place.
Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen quotes-A must to do list

A Must Do List

  1. A person should always stay optimistic in Allah’s court.
  2. Do not pay any heed to the wicked people who create obstacles in your way, otherwise you will not be able to reach your destiny. Remember! Barking dogs do not bite.
  3. The more you are afraid of people, the more they will try to terrify you. When you stop getting frightened then people will be afraid of you.
  4. To reach the Divine Reality, negating one’s self is essential.
  5. Everyone is destined to die. However, it is better to die after fulfilling the purpose of life so we are triumphed in the court of Allah.

Things to Avoid

  1. When a person diverts his attention from the responsibilities assigned to him from Allah, more so, world is made difficult on him. On the contrary, the more he devotes his life to Allah the more Allah makes his life convenient for him.
  2. When a person makes decision keeping in view his personal interest, that decision always proves wrong.
  3. Do not think fool of the person whom you succeed in betraying. Rather think how much that person trusted you.
Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen -Things to avoid

Miscellaneous Quotes

  1. Difference of opinion is a blessing if it is not prejudiced. When it becomes prejudiced, it results in anarchy and violence.
  2. Real obedience means to follow the outward as well as inward steps. Just following the outward aspects is incomplete obedience. Inwardly reaching the state of annihilation in Allah and being immortal with Him is the absolute obedience.
  3. The meanings of Quran descend upon the inward and soul of the Saints while for the scholars it just reaches their mind. Mind thinks in different angles while inward or soul is only connected to Allah. This is why all Saints conclude same meaning of Quran while every scholar interprets its different meaning according to his own intellectual approach.
  4. Hoo is the Origin and the “Whole” while seeker is the part. The part runs towards its Origin and “Whole”.
  5. Inner tranquility is heaven, while discontent is the other name of hell.
  6. Allah always trains an individual according to his nature.
  7. The initial phase of Prophet’s life is to train the special ones and the later is for commonality.
  8. Arif (the knower of Allah) is the one who beholds the Creator via His name (Ism-e-Allah Zaat).
  9. Satan was a worshiper, scholar and ascetic but he was not an ardent Divine lover. Had he this quality he would never have been obdurate and would have prostrated before Adam (on Allah’s command).
  10. Fakir is the one who remains contented on Allah’s will.
  11. I am grateful to Allah for He put me among the ones who get deceived and not among the ones who deceive others.
  12. People who do not change their lives and demeanor even in the month of Ramadan should know that their souls are suffering from chronic and critical illness.
  13. A person can be sincere and truthful (towards Allah) only if he has pure inward.
  14. Always ask Allah to guide you towards the righteous path. As it is the path of the people awarded by Allah.
  15. Have patience in bad times and be grateful to Allah in good times.
  16. Allah forgives the sins of believer (Mumin) even on his slightest distress.
  17. The more a person is in proximity to Allah, the more people are envious to him.
  18. The more a Mumin (true believer) glides up to the level of Divine gnostic (Arif), the humbler he becomes.
  19. Only Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Mumins (true believers) reach the level of dignity.
  20. Struggle is the sign of success.
  21. The defamation of the sinner is not considered backbiting.
  22. The sustenance of souls is the Divine light.
  23. Allah does not accept the repentance of the following people;
    • One who calls the reciter of Islamic creed an infidel.
    • Who deviates people from the path of righteousness.
    • One who commits sin on purpose.
  24. Faith lies in between fear and hope (from Allah).

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