Seeker of Allah (Talib-e-Maula)

Seeker of Allah

Given below is a short collection of selected quotes of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen extracted from his books or noted during his gatherings. However for gaining in depth knowledge of his teachings about this topic Seeker of Allah, click the following links to his books:

Definition of Seeker of Allah

~The longing and intention to attain something is called ‘desire’ and this occurs in the inward. The desire of the person who inwardly intends to attain the recognition, vision and gnosis of Allah is called the desire for Allah and the person is called the seeker of Allah (Talib-e-Maula) or the seeker of Truth. In common terminology, he is also referred to as a devotee, seeker or disciple.

~Allah says in a Qudsi Hadith:

لولاک لما خلقت افلاک

Meaning: If it was not for you (O My beloved Mohammad) I would not have created the universe. The Divine light of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is hidden in every seeker of Allah (Talib-e-Maula). This is why, the ultimate destination of seeker of Allah is the sacred self of Prophet Mohammad.

Bestowment upon Seeker of Allah

~It is impossible that the perfect spiritual guide does not bless the seeker of Allah who has true urge for the nearness to Allah Almighty. Every seeker is bestowed according to his desire.

~The Talib-e-Maula cannot be misled into wrong hands.

~The seeker is bestowed with a new Divine theophany every moment. His inner state keeps changing.

~All the troubles and grieves are converted into blessings for the Talib-e-Maula because he shows patience against them in Allah’s love.

Desire of the Seeker of Allah

~Talib-e-Maula does not let the troubles affect him much, hence can be likened to the base of a slippery clay pot which does not let anything stay on it for long. He does not back off from the path of righteousness no matter how intense his problems get.

~The seeker of Allah does not find peace in physical world. Only a materialistic seeker is comfortable here.

~When a person loves Allah, the whole creation loves him. If he starts loving the creation leaving Allah, the creation deceits him. Then complaining about the people is pointless.

~The seeker of Allah when fully annihilates himself for the will of Allah, he is eventually blessed with what he had desired initially.

~The seeker of Allah never desires for exoteric or spiritual succession. One who finds Allah, grasps the succession of all worlds within his fist.

Characteristics-of-the seeker-of-Allah

Characteristics of Talib e Maula

~The seeker of Allah should be like sunflower. The sunflower is always facing the sun, likewise the center of attention for the seeker must always be his spiritual guide.

Only that seeker can be successful in Faqr who does not object at the actions of the spiritual guide and always tries to understand his will.

~The inner state of the seeker of Allah keeps varying because he is surrounded by various theophanies of Allah every moment. Allah never repeats His theophany therefore the inner state of the Talib e Maula also keeps alternating.

~The seeker never asks for anything from his spiritual guide instead he submits his every possession before his spiritual guide just to please him. This selfless act of submission is appreciated by Allah, hence He is pleased with the seeker. It was also the practice of sacred companions of the Holy Prophet. Such seeker is called absolved of desires. When the perfect spiritual guide finds such seekers, the Faqr begins to escalate to its peak.

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