• In the Sarwari Qadri order, when a seeker reaches the station of annihilation in Hoo ( ھُو ) and nothing remains in his outward and inward besides Hoo ( ھُو ), it depicts that he is at the station of ‘complete submersion in Divinity’. He is the master of the universe Fakir or the Universal Divine Man (al-Insan al-kamil). Moreover, he is the perfect spiritual guide who possesses the light of Divine guidance.
  • Attaining true knowledge of the Book (Quran) and wisdom is not possible without the guidance of perfect and accomplished spiritual guide. It is he who saves a devotee from the scams of Satan and the inciting innerself and takes him close to Allah the ultimate shelter. Common people have not even heard the name of this mystic way and knowledge let alone becoming adept in it.
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The Perfect Spiritual Guide-Annihilated and Immortal with Allah

How to Recognize a Perfect Spiritual Guide?

1. Every seeker or disciple does not have the ability to recognize the Fakir who is annihilated and immortal with Allah and is the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide possessing the light of Divine guidance. This is because every seeker or disciple does not truly seek Allah Almighty. Many are the seekers of the material world and hereafter. The job of the perfect spiritual guide is to show the path of Allah to its travellers as well as simplify it for them as he is their leader and guide on this way.

Seekers of Allah can recognize The Perfect Spiritual Guide.

2. Only those can recognize the reality of spiritual guide who have set to the journey with pure intention to seek Allah Almighty. Everyone cannot recognize him, firstly because of their imperfect wisdom, secondly because outwardly he is an ordinary human like them. It is impossible for the seekers of world to recognize him with their limited intellect since he apparently lives like common people. Intellect cannot reach his reality because it is always busy in finding flaws and arguments. If you will try to identify him with mere intelligence, you will be left with arguments only. (The incident of Prophet Moses and Khidr related in sura al-Kahf is an enlightening lesson for the seekers of Allah that arguments bifurcate the path).


Importance of a Spiritual Guide

Guidance of The Perfect Spiritual guide is pivotal

In the path of Faqr, guidance of the perfect spiritual guide is pivotal, but one should be aware of thug or fake guides. Those who set to the journey with sincere intention to search Allah are safeguarded from fake guides. Allah Himself is their protector in Whose search they have set out and those protected by Allah Himself cannot be misguided.


In the maelstrom of ignorance surrounding both the world and hereafter, the perfect spiritual guide is a beacon of hope for the seeker of Allah to steer the wobbling boat of his life overcoming the odds and ferocity, safely to the shore (i.e. achieves the purpose of his life). Without his guidance of the perfect spiritual guide who is the man of Divine Essence, attaining the stations of ‘annihilation in Allah and being immortal with Him’ is mere imagination and conceit.​

Possessor of Divine Trust

1.The possessor of the Trust of Allah, who is called the man of Divine Essence, is in fact the perfect and accomplished spiritual guide and the light of Divine guidance. If a seeker finds such spiritual guide, then it is not hard to reach the extreme level of Faqr. His grandeur is that he blesses the seekers with the greatest name of Allah, ‘Hoo’ (ھُو ), which is the king of all invocations, on the very first day of allegiance. He also blesses the seeker with the Ism-e-Allah Zaat for contemplation.

2. It is hard to find to such spiritual guide as he is not renowned but if a seeker is fortunate enough to reach his court then he should immediately enter the circle of his slavery. This spiritual chain will continue till the Doomsday and there will always be one perfect spiritual guide present in the world but only those seekers will be able to reach him who are set on the journey to Divine recognition and vision and have the urge to reach the Mohammadan Assembly.

3.The Universal Divine Man is the possessor of the Divine Trust and the treasure of Faqr. He is the vicegerent of Prophet Mohammad. The Fakirs have made it compulsory to seek his servitude. Therefore, it is must for a seeker of Allah to adopt his company for the gnosis of Allah.

Masjid-e-Nabwi | Method of guidance of the Holy Prophet

A Perfect Spiritual Guide Connects his Disciples to Holy Prophet

Those pure and perfectly accomplished people who are spiritually bound by oath of allegiance (bayat/ al-bayah), their lineage in mysticism goes back to the Holy Prophet. Such virtuous people are linked spiritually and there is no discontinuity in their accession to Prophet Mohammad. These fortunate people spiritually connect their disciples to the Holy Prophet on taking oath of allegiance from them. In terms of Faqr, it is considered that their disciples have in fact taken oath of allegiance at the sacred hands of Prophet Mohammad and have reached Allah through his mediation.


Taking oath at the hands of Perfect Spiritual Guide

Nobody has ever gained sainthood, gnosis of Allah and observation of Divinity without taking oath of allegiance at the hands of the perfectly accomplished spiritual guide and taking Divine guidance and persuasion from him. Had Imam Ghazali not left pedagogy and teaching to take oath of allegiance at the hand of Yusuf al-Nassaj, he would have remained unknown in the world. Similarly, had Rumi not entered the circle of slavery of Shah Shams Tabrez, he would not have reached his high spiritual status. The crux of the matter is that in the history of Faqr and mysticism no one has ever reached Allah without the guidance and taking oath of allegiance at the hands of perfectly accomplished spiritual guide.

By the invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat under the supervision of the perfect spiritual guide, ardent Divine love is achieved which leads to the vision of Allah.

The purified innerself of Perfect Spirtiual Guide

It is important to get beneficence from the perfect spiritual guide during his lifetime because he has the purified innerself with which he trains the inciting innerself of the seeker.


If the spiritual guide is perfect, then he does not let the seeker become spiritually lost at the stage of annihilation in Allah rather he swiftly passes the seeker from this stage to the stage of being immortal with Allah.

The Perfect Spiritual Guide is Mirror for the Seeker

The perfect spiritual guide is mirror for the seeker to witness his own true reality and both his inward and outward states.

The manifestation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat

The perfect spiritual guide is the manifestation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat.

Signs of a Perfect Spiritual Guide

Ism-e-Allah Zaat makes one’s soul restless for Divine proximity. If this restlessness changes into the tranquility of soul upon reaching the sacred court of the spiritual guide, then it is the sign that he is authentic and perfectly accomplished otherwise he is fake.

Perfect Spiritual Guide and Ism-e-Allah Zaat

Beneficence of the Ism-e-Allah Zaat starts when the seeker first adopts the munificent company of the perfect spiritual guide.

Medium to Reach Allah

The perfect spiritual guide is the medium between Almighty Allah and man. It is mandatory for him to take a seeker close to Allah. It is important to seek such spiritual guide and learn the lesson of the reality of life from him, so that while living in this world the person becomes aware of his status in the life after death.

Seeking the Perfect Spiritual Guide is must.

In this era of materialism, in order to gain Divine proximity, instead of indulging in intensive spiritual exercises and practices, it is important to seek the beneficence of the perfect spiritual guide whose spiritual attention and power enlightens the inner darkness with the Divine light. As, only this is the real way to reformation (inward as well as outward).

Efforts go in vain without His guidance.

All the efforts in trying to reach Almighty Allah are in vain without the his guidance.

Sarwari Qadri Spiritual Guide

It is important for the true seekers of Allah to verify the authenticity of the spiritual guide before following him. He must make sure that firstly he should be the Sarwari Qadri man of Divine Essence and secondly, he grants the invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat to his disciples along with the practice of inscribing Allah’s name on body. The Ism-e-Allah Zaat he gives must be written in golden letters or with gold. If, after doing the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat for some time, the contemplation of spiritual guide is not achieved then consider him an imperfect guide.

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