To describe the Divine beauty of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman with humanly limitations would be injustice to his grandeur. As words are inadequate to explain how impeccable and stunning he is. Since he possesses the light of Allah, his Divine beauty is unexplainable. Moreover, only true lovers of Allah can observe his real mesmerizing beauty that casts a magical spell upon their inwards. They gaze at his adorable countenance and roam under the spiritual intoxication which, to them, is the best feeling. While seeing him, lovers wish for time to pause so they can absorb every detail of the manifestation of Allah. As in that moment they lose and find their senses over and over again.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is Absorbed in Divine Light

The sacred being of Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman has absorbed the Divine light to an extremity. In such a way that the luminosity of this Divine light even exudes through his outward self. Thus, becoming a spectacle for all to see, praise and adore. Precisely speaking, every beautiful thing of the universe owes its beauty to the Divine beauty of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. Some poet has beautifully explained the feelings of his lovers in the following words;

ساقی خدا کا شکر مجھے عشق کے لیے
بندہ بھی وہ ملا ہے جو مولا دکھائی دے

Meaning: Indeed, I am truly grateful to Almighty Allah Who has granted me His perfect manifestation to love and adore.

The Mohammadan Assembly awarded beautiful titles to Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman, corresponding to his marvelous attributes. He is certainly as beautiful as his titles depict. His titles along with their meanings are as follows;

Facial Expressions

His facial expressions are so enchanting that the seekers find themselves helplessly staring at him. Thus, having no fear of being caught for such bluntness. Moreover, in the blink of an eye, a sane beholder starts to flutter like a wild moth around the flame called Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman. Thus, annihilating in that flame the seeker himself becomes the beautiful face. Further, he sees himself surrounded by that particular face in every other face.


Sultan ul Ashiqeen was born in 1959. Although, as of August 2018, he has become 59 years old, yet he looks way younger than his age. Besides, the Divine light on his face illuminates the skin with the freshness of youth. In the gatherings of his disciples, his charming beauty outstands the beauty of others. In short, Sultan ul Ashiqeen has such captivating and unmatched beauty which dulls the beauty of others in front of him.

Use of Turban


Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s head is large and handsome. Thus, he always wears an extra large (XL) size of his Sindhi cap. Normally, he wears cap, while in the gathering of disciples he wears white turban which undoubtedly adorns his head more. However, on special occasions like Mawlid (Milad) when he wears green turban, it creates an abrupt applause among the seekers. In fact, everyone utters a precipitous expression of ‘wow’ on seeing him in green turban. No matter what the colour of the turban may be, it undoubtedly suits him. Although, only in case of white turban does he keep its edge erect, resembling a crowned peacock. Indeed, his head is a specimen of perfect creation, proportionate and finely made.


His hair is straight and thick that reaches till the end of his ears. Moreover, he keeps his hair combed backwards which adds to his attraction. Although a very few people have had the opportunity of seeing him without a cap or a turban. His beautiful hair falls upon the back of his neck. Indeed, they look so attractive that the seekers wish to have a closer look. Additionally, the pointed ends of the hair cover a beauty mark on the left side of the neck.

Unlike the head hair, the hair of his beard is thicker. He combs the hair of his beard upwards towards both the cheeks. Also, there is a partition in the center that gives it a very beautiful form. His moustache is thin and sleek.


Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen has a broad forehead which grabs the most attention of seekers due to its majesty. It is like a vast desert where one just wants to keep walking on and on. Until one finally finds a few drops of life-giving water from those ever-captivating eyes. His eyebrows are thin and light black. Moreover, there is a brown beauty mark on the top corner of his left eyebrow. Often, two extremely beautiful lines appear between his brows that passionately steal the heart of the true seekers. Normally, these lines appear when he starts a sentence laying emphasis upon its first word. Moreover, the lines also appear when he enters the state of meditation.


What can one possibly write about his enchanting eyes! His magical gaze certainly lets the true seekers feel the ecstasy of the Divine love. As drowning in his eyes is like enveloping the being of the seeker. Additionally, his eyes are a Divinity filled fathomless immense ocean that seems to contain the answers to all questions. In fact, both his eyes are the doors to the Mohammadan Assembly. Moreover, the spiritual power of his gaze cleanses the inwards of the seekers.

He is so modest that he never even looks at someone fully. Also, the seekers get so awestruck by his short gaze that they cannot look long enough into his eyes. However, only this gaze mesmerizes the lovers to an extent that they cannot help drowning into his eyes. In response, when he returns the look, only then they get out of their state of mesmerization. In short, one can sum up this state in the following poetic words of one of his ardent lovers;


جلوہ بقدرِ ظرفِ نظر دیکھتے رہے

کیا دیکھتے ہم اُن کو مگر دیکھتے رہے



Meaning: How could we quench the thirst of your vision! As, the majesty of your beauty takes away the breath and the power to behold you.

Further, out of modesty he usually keeps his eyes down. Yet, it takes only his one glance to change the inner state of the seeker. Moreover, with his spiritual sight, he blesses the seeker with gnosis of Allah.

Use of Spectacles

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman has done so much hard work for spreading Faqr that his eyesight has become weak. So, he wears spectacles while reading and writing.

Face Features

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s nose shape adorns his face. It is a little pointed at the end and there is a beauty mark at the right side of his nose. Besides, his ears also have a unique shape which is genetic and spectacular. There is another beauty mark at the end of his right ear where his cheek starts.

Furthermore, his lips are thin, soft and pink like the petals of rose, rather more beautiful as a poet says;

وہ تیرے حسن کی قیمت سے نہیں ہیں واقف

پنکھڑی کو جو تیرے لب  کا بدل کہتے ہیں

Meaning: Those who resemble your lips with petals of rose, in fact do not know the worth of your beauty.

Additionally, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is usually smiling which proves his inward peace, though he laughs very little. When, on a very few fortunate occasions, he laughs, the seekers get the opportunity to see his set of pearl like beautiful teeth. There is a mark of wound on his sacred chin below the lips which adds to his beauty. Actually, this mark is a resemblance to his spiritual guide as he also had the same mark at his chin. It is a wound mark that formed at young age by a stroke of hockey stick while playing hockey.

Voice and Speech

When Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is silent, dignity covers him, and no one dares to speak before him. However, when he speaks, his words are clearly audible and pleasant to hear. Although, his voice is commanding but filled with sweetness and passion. Moreover, his words are coherent and carefully chosen like the jewels of a necklace, fully calculated and polished. Additionally, there is a natural echo in his voice, while his words directly penetrate the inwards of the seekers. Thus, making way for the light of Reality to spread into each cell.

Speech of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen is eloquent and in fact, one cannot categorize it for one meaning. As it has different meanings for different seekers according to their spiritual states. In fact, his words contain an ocean of meanings and are diverse. One phrase or sentence holds several meanings for a seeker which he understands according to his caliber and inner state. Furthermore, he is always very logical and to the point. He prefers to speak in soft tone and no one has ever heard him shouting.

The Divine Face

His face is a prodigy of light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. The lovers keep their eyes fixed upon his sacred face that exudes the light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Sometimes the light glows so much that it becomes difficult to look at him. As, it is the face that possesses ultimate beauty and holds the unknown secrets. Moreover, each seeker reads it according to his spiritual status. Yet there is surely something for everyone to read.

In reference to this, Sultan Bahoo says the following:

  • Sarwari Qadri spiritual guide is comprehensive and complete. He is such a book, inwardly as well as outwardly, which has the status of ‘Book of all the books’. By reading this book, the seeker annihilates in Allah in such a way that there remains no veil before him.

Sultan Bahoo also says;

The seekers who read this book with complete faith, sincerity and inward purity, in fact, they achieve all their objectives easily. 

(Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)


Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s hands have perfect shape and size. Also, they are strong, silky and soft. Truly, his fingers exude so much light that they seem as if they are made of silver. Further, his hands are like the reminiscent of goblets of Divine liquor. Indeed, they call the seekers of the Reality to drink endlessly from them. Yet seems like their thirst remains unquenched. This is because of the fire of love that burns inside them and keeps them thirsty for more. Additionally, his hands are firm and large which symbolize strength and courage. Yet they have a gentle and soft touch which gives feelings of love and utmost care.


Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s feet are narrow and long. They are in proportion to his body and exude light. Besides, his feet are so aesthetically pleasing and silky that the disciples keep staring at them. Usually he wears beautiful golden embroidered or stone studded footwear called khussas. Furthermore, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s style of walking is extremely humble and dignified. His pace is quick, yet he takes each step with such delicacy as if treading upon a bed of roses.

Body Structure


He is elegantly tall and possesses the most striking appearance. In fact, his astounding presence makes him stand out in every gathering. Truly, he surpasses the descriptions of mythological princes and heroes written by the old masters of classic novels.

Furthermore, Sultan-ul-Ashiqen has a proportionate and attractive body structure. His belly beautifully protrudes giving an extraordinary grace to his body. Undoubtedly, his body is free from any physical flaws. As a matter of fact, it illuminates as if it is a crystal jar containing a thousand fireflies. In darkness his sacred body glows and the Divine light radiates from it. No doubt, he is among the Fakirs about whom the Holy Prophet said the following in a Hadith;


قَالَ رَسُوْلُ اللّٰہِ صلی اللّٰہ علیہ وآلہٖ وسلم خَلَقَ اللّٰہُ کُلُّ خَلْقِ مِنْ طِیْنِ الْاَرْضِ وَخَلَقَ الْانْبِیَآئِ وَالْفُقَرَآئَ مِنْ طِیْنِ الْجَنَّۃِ۔

Meaning: The Holy Prophet said, “Allah created every creation with the soil of earth. However, the Prophets and Fakirs were created with the soil of Jannah.”

In short, his sacred body is bright like the pellucid mirror, however there are beautiful red and black moles on it. They appear as if Allah studded beautiful gems on silver silk. Moreover, there is a dark brown round mark at his back.

Perfect Appearance of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen has to be so perfect, after all he is the manifestation of the light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. An ardent lover has praised his Divine beauty in the following words;

اے حاملِ حسنِ جہاں

تجھ سا نہیں کوئی اور یہاں

کر سکے جو تیری تعریف بیاں

میرے قلم کی اتنی مجال کہاں

ملے گا خدا تو پوچھوں گا ضرور

بنایا ہے تجھ کو بیٹھ کر کہاں؟

اے شہسوارِ میدانِ عشق و ایماں

تیرے قدموں پہ نچھاور زمین و آسماں

مل جائے احساس کو گر زباں

باندھ دے قیامت کا اِک سماں

اے میری حشر سامانیوں کے ساماں

جتنے چاہے تو لے لے امتحاں

ختم ہو چکا اب تو احساسِ سود و زیاں

حکم دے تو حاضر کر دوں یہ جاں

عشق میں رہا نہیں اب کچھ بھی گراں

تو انمول‘ باقی سب ارزاں



Explanation: O my beloved spiritual guide! You hold the beauty of entire universe. How can anyone be parallel to you! My limited words cannot explain your grandeur. If I could meet the God, I would surely ask how He created such a magnificent beauty. O great rider of the arena of Divine love and faith! Let me sacrifice both the worlds for you. If my passion for you could be moulded in words, it would have created an upheaval like the doomsday. You can test me as much as you wish O the reason of my craziness. If you say I can present you my life because now everything has lost importance except you.






The same lover uttered following words while mesmerized by his transcendent beauty;

واہ رباَّ! کی کمال دکھایا اے

لگدا اے واوا ویلیاں بہہ کے بنایا اے

مٹی نال گھول کے سونا چاندی

وچ اپنا نور بسایا اے

ساڈے ہوش تے مت بھلان لئی

ِکتھوں ایڈا جمال لے آیا اے

کجھ خیال تے عاشقاں دا ہونا چاہی دا سی

کیوں حسن دا بازار ایڈا تپایا اے

Meaning: Wow! What a marvel You have showed us O our Holy Lord! It seems You created my beloved spiritual guide with Your Own Hands. Rather, looks like You made him with great love and care and took special time for it. Indeed, You must have mixed gold and silver with soil of heaven. Then added Your light in it to create the unexplainably beautiful existence of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. O my spiritual guide! From where have you got such unparalleled beauty which has made us lose our senses! You should have taken pity upon the poor lovers who have gone crazy by your magical beauty.


Certainly, these words are not enough to describe the unmatched beauty of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman. However, only those can recognize his Divine beauty whose inner eyes have been enlightened. And the key to this enlightenment is the invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Truly, the physical eyes cannot cognate his reality, as the spiritual eyes can only behold the Divine beauty. How well a poet said in the context below;

آنکھ والا تیری قدرت کا تماشا دیکھے

دیدۂ کور کو کیا آئے نظر‘ کیا دیکھے

Meaning: Only the one blessed with spiritual sight can behold the beauty of Your nature. How can a spiritually blind see anything!

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