Backbiting – A disease of Innerself that hinders spiritual journey.


According to the Quran and hadiths, mutual love and understanding between people is highly appreciated. Anything that may cause hatred and malice among people is discouraged. Amongst all these habits that bring about hatred, lies backbiting. This means talking ill of someone behind their back to brainwash another person so as to create misunderstandings and fights between them.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) stated:

“A backbiter shall not enter paradise.”

The person who backbites is called a backbiter. Backbiting is one of the most dangerous diseases of the baser self that kills a person from within. Backbiting not only destroys the person, in fact it also destroys most people associated with you.

How common has backbiting become


This disease of the baser self is becoming common in society. It holds a person back from gaining closeness with Allah as well as becomes an obstacle in the path of Faqr. Backbiting also makes way for other baser-self diseases to grow.

Accusing colleagues at the office of false things to make your boss happy with you, or to show hatred towards someone to make another person happy, also lies within backbiting. Not only it ruins one’s afterlife or makes Allah unhappy but also makes life in this world miserable. Sooner or later the truth is revealed, and the one who backbites falls in the pit dug by himself.

A tradition from Abu Hurairah says the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said Allah’s favourite amongst you all is the one with good manners, who is soft hearted, cooperative, and treats others with love and patience. And the one amongst you who Allah holds least favorite is someone who backbites, develops differences between Muslim brothers and character assassinates pure hearted people.

Quotes to ponder upon for backbiting

The current Imam of the Sarwari Qadri order, Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman says:

A biased person puts all his thought into making someone look like a bad person, so he only likes people who agree with his thoughts and that is where backbiting begins. Hence, the backbiter to overcome his sadness or stupidity provides wood and oil to brighten up the flames. Backbiting is a disgusting habit.

Allah says:

(The one who is) a slanderer, fault-finder, mischief-monger, (and) who backbites the people to rouse strife, (al-Qalam, 68 : 11)

At another event He says:

(The one who is) rude, unmannerly, crooked and, moreover, of doubtful birth. (al-Qalam, 68 : 13)

Backbiting is the worst of diseases

Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarik states in this ayah, the word “zaneem” refers to an illegitimate child. This means the person who talks ill of others, proves it that he is a bastard because Allah has referred to him as someone arrogant.

Allah says:

Woe to everyone who slanders (face to face) and finds fault (in absence)! (al-Humazah, 104 : 1)

According to an interpretation “Humazah” means backbiter.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Should I not caution you about the worst human being?”

His companions responded they want to know. The Prophet said,

“The backbiters; who create differences between loving friends.”

Speaking ill behind one’s back, disrespectful conversation, arrogance and illogical praise to someone can lead a person to hell. (Diseases of the baser self)

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar conveys a hadith in which Allah swears upon His Esteem and anger that eight types of men won’t enter paradise, one of whom is the one who backbites.

Therefore, there’s no reward for a backbiter in this world nor in the next. Such sort of person is always scheming as to how he can raise dispute amongst people and mislead them. Even though this person speaks the truth, yet manages to corrupt up the context making something sound way worse than it actually is.

Recognition of a Backbiter

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman mentions in his book, Nafs ke Nasoor (Diseases of the baser self), the recognition of a backbiter:

  • One who keeps on discussing other’s flaws whilst causing hatred in people’s heart making them lose interest in each other.
  • Remember, the worst truth is always the one which has been spiced up with lies, or is twisted in a way that makes it sound unacceptable. This is the way it works:
  • A sly and wicked person acts as a trusted friend with both parties, each thinking he’s loyal to them only, but his sole aim is to disrupt their equation and still remain the good person in people’s eyes since he’s a loyal friend at the end of the day. Little do they know how this person talks ill of them to their foes.

This culture has become so common in our society that it’s hard to find a family that hasn’t been a victim, or played the victim whilst attacking. Both men and women either intentionally or unintentionally fall prey to this disease of the soul. In homes, offices, extended families and in the path of Faqr, speaking ill, picking flaws, and misleading give way to more disruption (of the soul).

A backbiter is only loyal to Satan

Backbiting, due to one reason, can also be classified as pride. Pride can cause jealousy and a jealous person is destroying himself on the inside. He slowly goes off track and away from Allah. A jealous person is so agitated by the happiness of other people so he talks in a way that makes him sound honest but all he says is meant to be misinterpreted. Satan chooses this person as his weapon and attacks the faithful.

A backbiter is always two faced. Regarding such a man, the Prophet (pbuh) said that on the day of judgement a two faced backstabber will be considered worst and shall have two tongues made out of fire.

Our beloved Prophet has advised us to live with love and unity. Whereas all backbiter does is divide people and cause hatred. He doesn’t obey the Prophet.

This is how a backbiter slowly lets his base-self overpower his actions making him walk away from Islam without realizing. This is such a disease that breaks decades old bonds in minutes. It can even cause a rift between mother and a son, son and a father. It can easily break homes. Neither does a backbiter live happily on his own nor does he let anyone else be happy.

Significance of a Spiritual Guide

Diseases of the baser self are so dangerous that once caught, it is difficult to get rid of them. In fact these diseases are like viruses, they pass on from person to another. For example; backstabbing, lying, gossip, jealousy, and arrogance are all diseases that can only be cured under the guidance of a perfect spiritual guide.

Sultan Bahoo (ra) says:

A spiritual guide is like a doctor and a disciple is like a patient. A doctor gives both sour and sweet medicines to cure a patient and the patient has to take them whatsoever so as to become healthy. (Ain ul Faqr)

In one of his Punjabi verses, Sultan Bahoo also says a spiritual guide is like a launderer, who washes and cleans clothes until they’re as good as new.

The Oath of Allegiance

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is the Imam of the Sarwari Qadri Order, and the Perfect Spiritual Guide. With his Spiritual Sight he turns a desirer or the world into a seeker of Allah. He cures all diseases of the baser self and purifies the soul after which the person feels full of Divine Love and becomes a true believer. Allah makes him successful in both the worlds.

Everyone who wills to cleanse his soul of these diseases and get spiritually elevated is welcome to take the oath of allegiance at the hands of Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman.

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This article is an English translation of the Urdu article that appeared in the October 2020 issue of the monthly Sultan ul Faqr Magazine titled:

چغل خوری

Sarah Malik Sarwari Qadri authored the original article. Zuhaa Fatima Sarwari Qadri has translated it in English. Tap below to read the original article:

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  1. Backbiting is one of the many diseases of the inner self. But one can only get of these ill traits of the inner self and succeed on spiritual in company of a perfect spiritual guide.

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