Ardent Divine Love


A person loves several relations and things. For example, he loves Allah and the Holy Prophet, he loves his parents, wife, children, siblings, friends, home, land, property, city, the tribe, kith and kin, country, business etc. The love which is so intense that it dominates all the other loves is called ‘Ishq’ and can be translated as the ardent love (Ishq). The blazing intensity of this love turns all the other loves into ashes and overpowers them. As the Holy Prophet says, “None of you will have faith until you love me more than your father, your children and everything else” (Sahi Bukhari, Vol 1, Hadith 14). Allah has declared such passionate love for Him, an attribute and sign of the true believer (Mumin) and it is in the very nature of the human soul.

The origin of Universe is Divine Love

Divine Lover follows the Beloved

The origin of universe is the eternal Divine love (Ishq) and the creation of man is for its sake. When the souls were created from the light of Prophet Mohammad, the exclusive essence of the Divine love was inherited by the human souls from the Holy Prophet. The passion of Divine love (Ishq) must arouse in the heart of the seeker of Allah for the Divine vision. In fact, the relation of the soul and Allah is that of the ardent Divine love. Without it, neither the soul is awakened nor, can it find the vision of Allah. It is present in the form of a seed within the human being but is dormant. As soon as it starts to awake in the soul by the invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, inscribing Allah’s name on body and by the attention of the perfect spiritual guide, the passion and attraction for Allah start increasing.

Divine Lovers


The Divine lovers are addressed in a unique manner in the court of Allah which is entirely different from the so-called religious scholars because the matter of Divine lovers is extremely special.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen-The greatest lover of Allah

The greatest lover of Allah is the one who is unidentifiable as the Divine lover by the world (during lifetime). As is said by Allah Almighty, “Some of My friends are concealed. No one knows them besides Me.” Although, Allah can make any one of them popular for betterment of the humanity.

The ardent lover of Allah never reveals his pain

An ardent lover of Allah never reveals his pain whatsoever, instead he is always cheerful. He hides his worldly and spiritual ordeals from the world and does not mention them even before Allah. He always remains in a state of contentment.

The ardent divine lover is never afraid of hell

The lover of Allah is not afraid of the burning flames of hell because he has spent his entire life in the flames of passionate Divine love, which are more intense. After continuously burning in the blazing flames of love, the lover himself has become fire. One sigh of the lover can extinguish the fire of hell.

Significance of Divine Love (Ishq)

~When the intensity of yearning in Divine love (Ishq) reaches its peak then it begins to decline and transforms into the inner tranquility. That is to say, at the extreme level of this ardent love, Divine vision and union is achieved which results in tranquility for the lover. Although, there are some Divine lovers who do not find peace at any level, there plea of ھَلْ مِنْ مَّزِیْد  meaning “Is there any more?” continues their journey from tranquility to anxiousness. This way, they complete another level of Divine union and find peace. Then, they become anxious again, lavish their souls with Divine union and become restless again and the cycle continues. At last, they become beloved from the lover.

~The faith cannot be accomplished without Divine love (Ishq).

~The actual trial of lovers is taken during the Divine wrath, as Divine beauty is adored by everyone. The worshipers of the inciting innerself part themselves upon seeing His wrath and run away. While, in the true lovers it intensifies the anxiousness to meet the Beloved and they run towards Him more endearingly.

~The way of Divine love (Ishq) distinguishes the genuine from the fraudulent ones.

~The Divine love (Ishq) is not merely a verbal claim, rather it is a mental state in which the lover is ready to proffer everything he owns for the Beloved.

Rules of Divine .

Regard for the beloved

Divine lover has high regard

Regard for the Beloved is the first and foremost rule of the Divine love.

Divine Lover is Called Sorrowful

Divine love is painful. That is why, the lover is called sorrowful.

Allah Himself is Ishq

A person cannot fall in the ardent love for another person. One who claims so is a liar, because Allah Himself is the ardent love (Ishq) and one can feel this passion only for Allah.

Power ofDivine Love

~The absolute eternal love for Allah is the only confirmation of success in His court.

~Only the Divine love can set to the internal spiritual journey towards Allah.

~The ardent Divine love leads to the observation of Divinity and possesses the Essence of true mystic knowledge, but intellect has access to the superficial knowledge only.

~The compassionate Divine love diminishes seeker’s objections in the way of Faqr and enlightens his inward which leads to the recognition of ‘Fakir annihilated in Allah’ (the Universal Divine Man).

~It is better to enlighten the inward with the flame of Divine love. This fire burns all kinds of doubts and disbeliefs and helps in attaining the absolute faith.

~When the seeker of Allah crosses the limit of knowledge and intellect and enters the premises of Divine love, then the power of love helps him surpass all the spiritual stations and takes him to the station beyond the boundaries of time and space.


The Divine Lover Follows the Beloved

The Divine lover follows the footsteps of the Beloved and never disobeys Him. His inward is replete with good wishes for the Beloved.

Divine Lovers are Courageous

People are afraid of the subsidiary troubles while the Divine lovers happily deal with enormous ordeals of the way that leads to Allah. They are fully aware of the disruptions in the way, still they untie their boat from the dock and venture through the stormy waves with steadfastness in their journey towards Allah.


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